Mission Statement

Caprice Ringold is the founder of Ringold Ts. She has been an Epilepsy fighter herself since 2002. She is also an artist who really wanted to use her love of art to be a voice for others who fight Epilepsy. It is ingrained in her heart to give back to the Epilepsy community. So, along with her family, she decided to create Ringold Ts. This gives The Ringolds an opportunity to speak up for individuals with Epilepsy by putting Caprice and her father's design on merchandise. They will be giving a portion of sales to The Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado. Their designs are raging, fierce, and bold with a sense of 90's fashion. The 90's were a time where everyone was expressive and represented a cause they really cared about. The 90's are making a comeback and merchandise includes a range of fashion items, (t-shirts, hoodies, baseball caps, etc.), that also represented the 90's. The design itself is one of a kind. Not only will you be supporting a great cause but you will also be "repping" an original design.