What's going on, What's going on!!!

It's snowing and raining in Colorado ya'll. I am so over the cold weather I really am lol. So Ringold Ts Apparel has a lot going on and I can barley keep up, but we out here making boss moves. We have a event that we are trying to make it too but we do need a little help getting some supplies so if you are welling to help us out please donate to our fundraiser page on Facebook the link is below. Anything helps us to reach our goal. Thank you in advance. 

I had to push everything back for this week just so I can get caught up and organized. Running a business is hard work you guys but I am blessed and grateful that I stepped out of my comfort zone and now I am trying to make things happen for myself my community, and the epilepsy community. Its a great feeling so if your going back and forth with yourself about opening a business I say go for it but it's not easy. I got side tracked lol. As I was saying I am working on getting organized, bringing you guys dope and fresh designs and hopefully a interview with an upcoming music artist. If you guys want to find out who the music artist is you gotta like and share this blog post. 

Until next time, stay blessed , stay creative and always spread the love Deuces

Don't for get to donate the link is below.   




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