Purple day is here!

I just wanted to bring some things to your attention. Epilepsy does not have a color on it. No matter your skin color you can be diagnosed with epilepsy, but does color play a part when you go to the epilepsy groups or events?

In my opinion yes it does. I have been to plenty of epilepsy groups and events to notice no one looks like me and although we all have epilepsy are  struggles were and still are different. No one fights our even speaks up for me. No one takes the time to even learn about Epilepsy like they do for a none person of color. Why is that? Service dogs are expensive, but why is it much easier for a none person of color to get one. 

Why are there no people of color at these events? Why aren't there more families and friends of color at these events? Are you a shame? Is it not important? Please help me understand. 

Family and Friends show up for your loved ones who are suffering from Epilepsy. They need you more than you know. Speak up Speak loud and Show up.

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