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Women History Month is almost over, did it make an impact on your life this month at all? Or are you so overwhelmed with so many special days, weeks and months to celebrate that you really don’t care what you are celebrating for that day or month to make a difference?

For me to celebrate a special day or month for an occasion/event, that occasion/event must have purpose in my life. For example, for me being a Black woman here in America, Martin Luther King’s Birthday has purpose because no matter how bad things seems to be when it comes to racism and social inequality his “I Have a Dream” speech comes to mind.

Black History Month celebrated in February is to recognize what black men and women contributed to, not only America but to the World. But again because of the social injustice and economic inequalities we need to have a month to remind us of this.

 The same goes for Women History Month, history shows the contribution that women have made to society, and we continue to make. But because of the economic inequalities we need to have a month to remind everyone what we have achieved

The common factor -INEQUALITIES, it all needs to stop, the racial, gender, economic, and social inequalities.

We all need to help Empower, Motivate and Inspire one another no matter what road we decide to take, yes, we are different, and my road is going to be different from your road, but if we can stop the hatred and the inequalities think how far we all can go.  Imagine one day or month to celebrate all of everyone’s accomplishments.

“I Have a Dream” speech, go ahead and recite it if you can remember it word for word or just go back and read it and let the words sink in and think of the possibility of living in a world with equality and without hate, no matter the color of your skin, your gender, religion, livelihood or whatever the case may be.

Let’s not forget about the days and months that we recognize to help us bring awareness and hopefully find a cure to the different diseases and disabilities that affect our world. I do believe we all as human being have one or more of life’s inconvenient diseases or disabilities, rather, we’re going through it ourselves or a loved one or friend is going through it.

Let’s unite and show support for these different days/months- Cancer, Heart disease, Cerebral Palsy, MS, Lou Gehrig disease, Epilepsy, the list goes on and on.

Don’t forget to wear your purple on Saturday the 26th to show your support for your loved ones or friends with epilepsy.

On a lighter note, don’t forget to check out the new items in the store and give us your feedback on, if you like what you see or what we should add in the store to make it better.


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